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A modern OS for Kubernetes.

Release Pre-release

Talos is a modern OS designed to be secure, immutable, and minimal. All system management is done via an API, and there is no shell or interactive console. Some of the capabilities and benefits provided by Talos include:

  • Security: Talos reduces your attack surface by practicing the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP) and by securing the API with mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication.
  • Predictability: Talos eliminates unneeded variables and reduces unknown factors in your environment by employing immutable infrastructure ideology.
  • Evolvability: Talos simplifies your architecture and increases your ability to easily accommodate future changes.


For instructions on deploying and managing Talos, see the Documentation.


If you’re interested in this project and would like to help in engineering efforts, or have general usage questions, we are happy to have you! We hold a weekly meeting that all audiences are welcome to attend.

Office Hours

You can subscribe to this meeting by joining the community forum above.

Note: You can convert the meeting hours to your local time.


Contributions are welcomed and appreciated! See Contributing for our guidelines.