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  Asim Jamshed 0463aad5ec
Merge pull request #252 from ccp-project/upstream 1 year ago
  Muhammad Asim Jamshed f013209622 Going back to DPDK v18.05 for the time being. 1 year ago
  Muhammad Asim Jamshed 88e5b9d63a Updated DPDK to v19.08. 1 year ago
  Muhammad Asim Jamshed 2e02947f0d - Upgraded mtcp source files so that they work for 19.08. 1 year ago
  Muhammad Asim Jamshed 1ac16a6f2e Code cleanup. 1 year ago
  Frank Cangialosi bc77d3dc8a replace constants with macros for clarity 2 years ago
  Asim Jamshed a843f5768d
Merge pull request #249 from koolzz/onvm_19.05_api_fixes 2 years ago
  Asim Jamshed 6d3e0ca0ac
Merge pull request #245 from koolzz/onvm_lighttpd_fix 2 years ago
  Asim Jamshed 7202bf0b51
Merge pull request #234 from sdnfv/readme_arg_fixes 2 years ago
  Jamshed efeab20fd2 - Code sanitization 2 years ago
  Mykola Yurchenko a54acbf5ba Fix tabs 2 years ago
  Mykola Yurchenko d30a6ec1ea Update to ONVM v19.05 APIs 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong 242ae4530b Updated configuration files 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong c4408fc210 Merge branch 'ccp-project-upstream-thread' into devel 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong 6ca8b1657a Update README and configuration for CCP 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong 2bac207004 Receive `CCP` definition from `configure` 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong 835563dbba Update configure scripts for ccp integration 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong dff2c4636f Merge pull request #224 from ccp-project:upstream-thread 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong 7f1c16bb6c
Merge pull request #244 from leeopop/leeopop-working 2 years ago
  Mykola Yurchenko 4e9cf91d97 Fix lighttpd configure script for ONVM 2 years ago
  Keunhong Lee 46e13abf55 Fix unexpected failure while loading dpdk devices 2 years ago
  Keunhong Lee 93e3f5bb55 Fix missing statistics 2 years ago
  Mykola Yurchenko a49a63e4fc Fix README 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong cd59413dde Fixed issue #228 - server-side initial cwnd problem 2 years ago
  Asim Jamshed cc7f751656
Merge pull request #227 from lyuxiaosu/onvm_remove_mtcp_session 2 years ago
  lyuxiaosu 89bd734829 Fixed mtcp doesn't notify onvm to reclaim resource when a mtcp based process exits 2 years ago
  Asim Jamshed bf3fd478ab Made it work for mlx5 NICs. 2 years ago
  Asim Jamshed 8bc045ac19 Shifted CCP enabling support to autoconf settings 2 years ago
  intel-lab 5a721054e9 Merge branch 'master' into devel 2 years ago
  Asim Jamshed 75a9e93343
Merge pull request #226 from tbarbette/PRdpdkdoc 2 years ago
  Tom Barbette 577af453f4 Reflect DPDK update in documentation 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong ade74d148c
Merge pull request #209 from ccp-project/upstream 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong 651063272b temporarily disabled CCP by default 2 years ago
  EunYoung Jeong eeb71ce1e8 suppressed some debug printings using TRACE_CCP 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi a5c826426f ccp: run ccp as a thread within mtcp 2 years ago
  Asim Jamshed 932cc65a4b
Merge pull request #223 from arter97/devel 2 years ago
  Park Ju Hyung f401b7a8ba README: improve a notice regarding NetworkManager address override 2 years ago
  Park Ju Hyung 3f57bfa0b2 Handle (ifa_addr == NULL) gracefully 2 years ago
  Asim Jamshed fddafcd2be Merge branch 'sdnfv-onvm_build_readme_fix' into devel 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi ac4716540c readme: add information about prerequisites for using CCP 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi 77f619e6a9 ccp: easily turn ccp cwnd logging on/off with PROBECCP definition 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi 89f6a2d292 ccp: automatically create unix sockets 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi 0380b26424 ccp: make rate limiting on by default when using ccp and off by default otherwise 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi daa16e0318 ccp: use https submodule instead of ssh for libccp 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi 03ab48dea4 apps/perf: use MTCP_FLD definition in Makefile.in 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi 6f6ca166b6 ccp: update to latest version of libccp, now requires waiting until ccp is running to open sending unix socket 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi 65fcdbadc4 tcp: use mising seq instead of wait_for_acks 2 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi 9b18956236 tcp_out: initial implementation of rate limiting and pacing to mitigate burstiness 3 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi bf8ef39a39 tcp: define init cwnd in header for clarity 3 years ago
  Frank Cangialosi e6bbe929e8 apps: add libccp to Makefile.in 2 years ago